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July 2019

Multnomah Bar Association Battle of the Lawyer Bands

Congratulations to Holtey and the McCoy Russell Band for their performance last night at the Multnomah Bar Association fundraiser event, the Battle of the Lawyer Bands, for CourtCare. We were proud to take home the Audience Participation award.

Our own McCoy Russell band, included John Russell, Frank Morton-Park, Katie Tallman, and Paul Focke, who were joined by fellow lawyer Nathan Holtey. Thanks to all those who came out to support our band and to support Multnomah CourtCare.

Multnomah CourtCare is a project of the Multnomah Bar Foundation (MBF) which improves access to justice by making free, drop-in childcare available for families who have business at the court.

USPTO Announces New Trademark Rule

PORTLAND, OR, July 9, 2019// For Immediate Release:

Tuesday, July 2, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced a new rule that requires all foreign-domiciled trademark applicants, registrants and parties to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) proceedings to be represented by a U.S.-licensed attorney in all trademark matters before the USPTO. This rule comes into effect starting August 3, 2019.

McCoy Russell is uniquely suited to assist in taking over representation of such cases in a cost effective manner. Please contact us at [email protected] for any questions regarding the update as well as inquiries about pricing.



McCoy Russell LLP is a national ranked boutique, woman-owned, intellectual property law firm headed in Portland, Oregon and focused on the prosecution and development of patent and trademark portfolios. – Contact: [email protected]

EPA Blanket Purchase Agreement

PORTLAND, OR, July 3, 2019// For Immediate Release:

McCoy Russell LLP selected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide patent services.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that it has awarded five Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) to small businesses under Solicitation 68HERH19Q0029, where the BPAs allow Firm-Fixed-Price calls for Patent Services.  We are proud to announce that McCoy Russell LLP has been awarded one of the five highly sought-after BPAs.

TAO Autonomous Mobility Summit

Kathryn Chi and Katie Tallman of McCoy Russell recently attended the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) Autonomous Mobility Summit. They greatly enjoyed meeting local industry members and the discussion topics at the event. Please see their related blog post below:


Reaching for the Summit of Autonomous Mobility Technology

By Kathryn Chi and Katie Tallman

We recently had the opportunity to attend the Autonomous Mobility Summit, a meeting of field experts and stakeholders hosted by Technology Association of Oregon (TAO). The conference included representation everywhere from vehicle manufacturers to public utilities to policy stakeholders.

Though seemingly eclectic, this group shared the common goal of positioning Oregon to be a leader for next-generation mobility solutions. Conferences such as these are beneficial not only for uniting entities in a mission bigger than themselves but also to figure out what their niche is in the landscape as a whole. For example, from a business standpoint, technological redundancies can be avoided and companies can get a better sense of where technology is moving.

Moreover, by interfacing with others in this way, companies have the ability to anticipate where they will fit into that technological landscape in the future and coordinate their IP appropriately. In this way, companies not only get to contribute to innovative technology but also to protect intellectual investments along the way.

One interesting aspect of participating in an event such as the Autonomous Mobility Summit is that the technologies being presented and discussed are well established from an IP standpoint. Thus, the challenge is for companies to be forward thinking about how the technologies being discussed in the present will evolve in the short and long-term future.

From our standpoint, attending events such as these is an important investment. By being a part of these conversations, we are better able to serve our clients, as we are not only aware of where technology currently is at but also where it is going. Having an understanding of the way technology is developing, we are better equipped to increase the scope and value of each patent filing.