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May 2021

McCoy Russell Recognized As Leading Law Firm

McCoy Russell has been recognized in Chambers USA 2021 as one of the leading intellectual property firms in the USA. A women-owned technology-focused law firm that often flies under the radar, our inclusion into this guide is a testament to our firm’s holistic approach and collaborative model.

Chambers USA rankings are based off in-depth market analysis and independent research, working with firms of all sizes. You may read more about their methodology at their site linked here.

McCoy Russell is creating the future of intellectual property law, rising above the challenges of the ever-changing landscape. We take innovation seriously, and we combine a unique blend of technology and portfolio development expertise to generate integrated strategies for elegant, high-quality patent and trademark solutions.

McCoy Russell’s 360 Review Process Key to Quality Rankings

As announced last month, for the second year in a row, McCoy Russell LLP topped the charts on patent prosecution quality and efficiency in both Technology Centers 3600 and 3700 – something no other firm has been able to achieve.  How does the firm achieve this stellar performance?

One answer is the level of review built into the firm’s processes that have been honed over the years.  Starting more than 3 years ago, McCoy Russell implements a “360 Review” process that engages patent practitioners in the firm at all levels of experience.  Every application drafted by the firm undergoes at least two, and usually three, levels of review – even if drafted by a senior patent attorney with more than 20 years of experience.

This process enables practitioners at every level to up their game, and even enables practitioners in training to contribute substantively to raising the quality of application drafting.  McCoy Russell’s 360 Review process is ever-adapting in order to keep up with the latest challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing patent prosecution landscape.