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October 2019

Anna McCoy Welcomed as ChIPs Member

PORTLAND, OR, October 30, 2019 // For Immediate Release

Anna McCoy has been welcomed into ChIPs, Chiefs in Intellectual Property, as a member. The organization is open to women who hold a key position in corporations overseeing issues surrounding patents, copyrights, trademarks and other areas of law focused around innovation. They are a nonprofit that advances and connects women in technology, law and policy.

We look forward to engaging with the other women in this organization and those locally in their PNW chapter to further innovation along the ChIPsters’ Community.

Amazing Spirit

You could feel the fall spirit amongst McCoy Russell staff and families at the Corn Maize. The group gathered around a bonfire enjoying food and laughs before heading into the maze. The group worked together to successfully navigate the bigfoot themed maze, answering a variety of trivia questions for hints. It was a festive evening for the firm!

USPTO Open Patent Data Conference

The USPTO hosted a Patent Open Data Conference to promote the use and integration of patent information. John Russell was one of many great speakers among those invited from government, industry, tech, and law presenting their experience using patent data.

John gave insight into some methods attorneys can use patent data for streamlined patent prosecution. He addressed using the data such as office-wide statistics, group statistics, examiner statistics, etc. combined with outside factors.  John also discussed how examiner statistics can be misleading and if other factors are not properly balanced, can lead to more difficult prosecution.

For additional insight into navigating the USPTO, you can visit John’s personal blog where he shares the knowledge he’s accumulated over the years. Slides from this presentation can be found under his speaking engagements.

The Future of Digital Health and Wearables

McCoy Russell had the opportunity to partner with OHSU and Catalyze to help sponsor The Future of Digital Health and Wearables. This event brought together a diverse panel of individuals to share their perspectives on opportunities and challenges innovative health care technologies present. The panelists shared their thoughts on AI integration, data interpretation, and interoperability before opening up discussion to the audience.

McCoy Russell Attorney Janina Malone was one of the panelists and gave insight into this industry from an intellectual property perspective. She addressed issues concerning what innovations are protectable and strategic development of a company’s patent portfolio.  She discussed the importance of understanding your consumer at each stage, mapping out protectable innovation, and structuring claims with potential infringers in mind as part of a good patent strategy.

Overall the panel gave encompassing insight for those developing future innovations for digital health and wearables. McCoy Russell welcomes the opportunity to support discussions and protect future innovative technologies.

We appreciate our Bosses’

Happy Bosses’ Day! To show our appreciation for all that our partners do for the firm & staff, we shared in some of our favorite recipes potluck style. Gathering around an array of food was a fun celebration for the firm to share in. McCoy Russell is fortunate to have leadership that recognizes that their success is as much their teams as their own.

McCoy Russell Helps Those In Transition

A handful of McCoy Russell staff spent Friday evening helping those who are in need of support. The firm paired up with Transition Projects, to lend a hand to Doreen’s place. Doreen’s place is a residential shelter to help support adults (18+) who are experiencing homelessness regain stability. They offer a sober environment, safety off the street, and connections to housing and services.

The volunteers had the opportunity to prep, cook, and serve a full course dinner to the residents that evening. This humbling experience reminds us, at McCoy Russell, why we are adamant about giving back to the community we work and live in.

McCoy Russell Annual Flu Shot Clinic

McCoy Russell’s annual in-house flu shot clinic, open to staff and family members, was a success once again. We had even more of our in-house staff getting vaccinated than our premier flu shot clinic last year.  Thank you to those who participated! We aim on creating an environment that ensure our team members can thrive in a high pressure field. The flu shot clinic is another example of implemented strategies focused on the well-being of our staff.

John Russell To Speak at the USPTO Patent Data Conference

PORTLAND, OR, Oct 09, 2019/ Attorney John Russell has been invited to speak at the upcoming USPTO Patent Data Conference held on October 22nd at Elijah J McCoy Midwest Regional USPTO.  He will be one of several featured speakers addressing various topics regarding use and integration of patent information into business strategic planning.

John Russell has been a recognized leader at the forefront of how to take advantage of patent office data for strategic portfolio development. His blog,, has been at the forefront of the industry in offering practice tips in how patent applicants can navigate the USPTO.  For anyone wanting to hear John’s unique insight, this conference presents a rare opportunity.

Registration to attend the event is free has both in-person and video conference options. For registration, please follow the link here.

Featured speakers:

Keynote speaker:

  • Russell Slifer, Chief Executive Officer for Black Hills IP. Former Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Deputy Directory of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

From government:

  • Damian Porcari, Regional Director, Midwest US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Scott Beliveau, USPTO Branch Chief of Advanced Analytics
  • Christophe Mazenc, Ph.D, Director of WIPO Global Databases Division (by Video Conference)
  • Lustin Diaconescu, Head of Patent Database Section of WIPO (by Video Conference)

From industry and tech:

  • Jay Yonamine, Ph.D, Head of Data Science, Global Patents at Google (by Video Conference)
  • Chad Gilles Esq., Founder of
  • Lisa Lepore, Ph.D, Sales Director, Questel-Americas
  • Anthony Trippe, Founder of Patinfomatics

From law and academia and industry:

  • Prof. Dennis Crouch, “PatentlyO” blog author and Law Professor at University of Missouri School of Law
  • John D. Russell, Ph.D, “Mriplaw” blog author and Partner at McCoy Russell
  • Elizabeth Kendall, Founder of Impeccable IP and attorney at Nelson, Mullins, Riley and Scarborough
  • Prof. Oliver Mayer, Head of Cluster Energy Technology, Bayern Innovativ GmbH (by Video Conference)

McCoy Russell Welcomes Attorney Tyler Hall

PORTLAND, OR, October 7, 2019 // For Immediate Release

McCoy Russell continues to expand its brand protection practice with the addition of W. Tyler Hall to the firm as a Trademark Attorney effective September 30, 2019.

Tyler Hall is an experienced trademark attorney with experience representing clients in all aspects of trademark matters, including managing portfolios and licensing, conducting due diligence, and preparing and prosecuting applications. He is also an editor for the ABA IP Section of Landslide Magazine.

We are pleased to welcome Tyler Hall to our practice at McCoy Russell.


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