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December 2020

Season’s Greetings From McCoy Russell

The McCoy Russell team worked incredibly hard, coming together and making it through 2020. Our teams have not only remained available to clients, but also to each other, making the most out of our collaborative model, continuing to adapt as the circumstances change, and rising above the challenges through this year. We cannot help remain anything but grateful.

We extend our best wishes and deepest gratitude into the promising New Year.

Congratulations to ESS Technology, Inc

Congratulations to firm client ESS Technology, Inc. for their recognition by the American Chemical Society (ACS).  ESS was selected as part of the Chemical & Engineering News summary on the most promising companies chasing the electric-vehicle and grid-storage batteries of the future. ACS specifically called out ESS’s pioneering patent in the field of long-duration flow batteries – “Redox and plating electrode systems for an all-iron hybrid flow battery” (US Patent 9,614,244), which is one of many in their portfolio.  McCoy Russell is honored to have assisted in helping ESS develop its portfolio.