Trademark & Branding Specialty Practice

As a responsive and progressive portfolio development firm, McCoy Russell has a focused practice on branding development for its clients. With its counsel being recognized by Best Lawyers in America in the Practice Area of Trademark Law, McCoy Russell has established itself as a partner with its clients in developing strong branding rights. With its lead partner having over 20 years of experience in trademark practice, the McCoy Russell team serves start-ups to iconic brands.

Well-known mark protection, trade dress and product configuration, and world-wide portfolio development and management comprise the cornerstones of McCoy Russell’s branding practice.

We have seen significant success in a variety of industries including, apparel, footwear, art, banking and finance, e-commerce and digital goods, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and supplements, software, transportation, and video games.

Well-known Mark Protection

McCoy Russell has extensive experience and expertise in developing and implementing a global protection and enforcement strategy for famous and well-known trademarks that takes advantage of their extra protection. Clients benefit from our streamlined and cost-effective approach in establishing, maintaining, and defending, well-known and famous mark status. The firm participated as a member of Famous and Well-Known Mark Committee for International Trademark Association (INTA) for a number of years.

Trade Dress and Product Configuration

McCoy Russell actively pursues trade dress as a branding asset. We have extensive experience and expertise in developing and procuring global trade dress and product configuration protection. We have helped establish product configuration protection for famous consumer products in the US and abroad, and can provide strategic counsel with cost-effective approaches.

World-wide Portfolio Development & Management

McCoy Russell’s trademark practice includes trademark searches, brand analysis, trademark filings, preparation of tiered strategic worldwide filing recommendations, brand due diligence, IP audits, review of branding agreements, assignments, renewals as well as in-house trademark training and customs registrations. McCoy Russel pursues filings and enforcement in over 130 countries coordinating with a team of trusted IP colleagues.
McCoy Russell has an active conflict practice with over 250 currently active worldwide conflict matters (opposition and cancellation proceedings).

Trademark Tips & Tricks

Our blog/vlog series providing insight & tips while navigating some of the latest in trademark and branding news.