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August 2022

Women In Law 2022

Anna McCoy continues to receive recognition in Women in Law for her Trademark practice. While maintaining an active and successful patent and design practice, Anna spearheads McCoy Russell’s Trademark and Branding Specialty Practice helping its clients in developing strong branding rights.

McCoy Russell establishes product configuration protection for famous consumer products in the US and abroad, and can provide strategic counsel with cost-effective approaches. The firm has significant experience in China, Europe, and Japan advising clients on Trademark matters. The firm collaborates with many esteemed foreign firms and associates that share in our values of accuracy, timeliness.

Anna’s vision continues to shape McCoy Russell’s Trademark and Branding Specialty practice seeing significant success in a variety of industries including, apparel, footwear, art, banking and finance, e-commerce and digital goods, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and supplements, software, transportation, and video games.

Congrats Wes Nicholson

McCoy Russell congratulates Wes Nicholson for a successful year revitalizing the Oregon Patent Law Association (OPLA) and serving as the President of the Board 2021-2022.

Providing opportunities to develop and improve skills, the OPLA organizes social and educational events relating to intellectual property and patent law for the benefit of its members. In the 2021-22 term, the OPLA hosted five CLE events including Single Speaker Events, Panels, and Roundtable discussions collaborating with Patent Law professors, USPTO Judges, and Patent Law Professionals in the Pacific Northwest.

McCoy Russell is happy volunteering with the OPLA providing administrative tasks and helping grow the patent law community in the Pacific Northwest.

Patent Prosecution Intelligence

Patexia recently released their 4th Annual Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report, where they reviewed patents issued from Jan 2017 through Dec 2021 and evaluated 27,000 attorneys and agents by activity and performance during that period.

John Russell is among the attorneys whose activity and performance was under evaluation. He achieved noted recognition for his work and classified as one of the Top Attorneys for Patent Prosecution. Based on their initial review, he is ranked within the Top 10 for multiple categories within the publication.
As a small firm who has made a mark in intellectual property law, McCoy Russell continues to gain recognition not only for the success of our patent prosecution strategies, but the quality of our patent applications.

Habitat Certification

McCoy Russell congratulates Jennifer and John Russell on their recent backyard habitat certification. Aiming to help native birds thrive, they removed thousands of square feet of invasive ivy and planted hundreds of native plants. They received the Gold Certification.

Birds are an essential part of the natural system. They are essential as pollinators and for seed dispersal of many plants, especially native plants. Birds also feed on a variety of insects, rodents, and other small animals, naturally keeping those populations in check and ensuring a proper balance in their ecosystem.