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McCoy Russell is pleased to announce our inclusion in the 12th Edition of the U.S. News – Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” publication under the practice area of Patent and Trademark Law in Oregon.

“Best Law Firms” is based on a rigorous evaluation process that includes the collection of client and lawyer evaluations, peer review from leading attorneys in their field, and review of additional information provided by law firms as part of the formal submission process.

INTA: Enforcing Designs Globally: Same or Different?

INTA Designs Committee members Anna McCoy (of McCoy Russell LLP in Portland, Oregon), Joseph J. Conklin (of Coty Inc. New York, New York), and Gabriela Staber (of CMS Vienna), have published an article on the INTA website (  To understand both similarities and differences across jurisdictions and to help INTA develop a position on the harmonization of design remedies for its model design law guidelines, the Association’s Designs Committee conducted a survey among its members and obtained input from other INTA members considering issues regarding the global enforcement of designs. The article’s findings cover non-financial and financial remedies that are available for infringement of registered design rights, recovery of attorney fees, and other remedies, such as criminal sanctions and customs proceedings,  While survey results indicate that a wide variety of remedies are available for design right infringements, the article concludes that some degree of harmonization could be beneficial to facilitate enforcement of design rights, especially where infringement takes place in many countries simultaneously.

You may read the full article on INTA’s website (

Academic Technology Transfer Expertise

McCoy Russell has substantial experience with academic and research institutions and their technology transfer offices, providing specific support tailored to the unique challenges presented in academic and research environments pursuing technology commercialization. Our experience and strategic approach considers the full technology life cycle, from the evaluation stage to portfolio creation and development to licensing and post-grant proceedings.

McCoy Russell also assists technology transfer offices by providing training programs for students, faculty, and staff to improve the efficiency and quality of patent filings. In addition to educational programs, we have developed proprietary software allowing us to perform detailed landscape searches to identify potential collaborators and licensing partners, and to highlight insights into the marketplace and commercial viability of their research (

While technology transfer work requires expertise in navigating complex rules and regulations, we take special care to ensure regulatory compliance as to government-funded work and work subject to government contracts. Requirements of the Bayh-Dole Act are front and center to effectively advise technology transfer offices.

You may read more about our Technology Transfer Expertise and Case Studies, here (

McCoy Russell’s Patent Prosecution Strategies Challenges Conventional Thinking

At McCoy Russell LLP, we represent clients who challenge conventional thinking every day. But unlike many conventional firms, our patent professionals also challenge conventional patent prosecution strategies that increase cost and reduce patent scope, like the idea that one should never challenge a restriction requirement. Those challenges have led to the development of data-driven strategies for deciding when and how to challenge restrictions, and actually reduce costs and increase scope across a portfolio. We even have specialized administrative staff who focus entirely on restriction response and petition strategy.

Restriction requirements remain a prevalent practice at the USPTO. The proper use (or avoidance) of traversals, petitions, and related strategies can have significant impacts. We know, since our performance has put us at the very top of patent prosecution rankings in the US.

If you are looking for IP counsel whose prosecution strategy includes leveraging restriction requirements based on data, reach out to us to see if we can help your patent portfolio.

Top Patent Law Firms in Oregon for 2021

PORTLAND, OR, Jan. 4, 2022/ –We compiled a list of the top patent law firms based in Oregon. They are ranked by the total number of U.S. design, utility, and plant patents issued in 2021 where the patent firms were listed on the front of the patent. Included firms have over 40 patents with an Oregon inventor.


Our consistent growth shows the strength in our unique firm model. A women-owned technology-focused law firm that often flies under the radar, McCoy Russell LLP continues to innovate and refine how we practice intellectual property law, leveraging the most from our highly-skilled staff to the benefit of our clients. Providing integrated strategies for elegant, high-quality patent and trademark solutions.


McCoy Russell LLP is a nationally ranked boutique, woman-owned, intellectual property law firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon and focused on the prosecution and development of patent and trademark portfolios.

Ready To Ring In The New Year

The McCoy Russell team worked incredibly hard, coming together and refining our collaborative processes in 2021. Our teams remained available to clients, but also to each other, and were able to further expanding upon the framework we laid out last year. We hold a deep appreciation for our clients, attorneys, technical specialists, and staff, for their support and efforts.

As our firm continues to adapt with the changing circumstances, we look forward to ringing in the new year and seeing the fruits of our labor come together in our new hybrid-collaborative office space. We will continue to innovate how our firm practices intellectual property law, pioneering solutions and structures to maximize the potential of our highly-skilled staff to the benefit of our clients.

McCoy Russell Collaborative Office Space as a Lifestyle Experience

While most law firms that survived the pandemic utilized remote working to some degree, McCoy Russell saw opportunity where others saw roadblocks. We have reimagined a thriving, vibrant, cutting-edge law firm office with spaces that take you out of the typical, traditional, and restrictive firm experience.

As we have been perfecting our remote working processes and technology over the last 18 months of the pandemic, we transformed our new Office suite on the second floor of the American Chicle Building in the Pearl District into a hybrid-collaborative space. Our design takes advantage of classic wood floors, fourteen foot exposed wood beam ceilings, and oversized windows bringing in beautiful natural light.

Employees have full flexibility in working remotely, or coming in and using one our collaboration pods to meet with colleagues or have a little break from their home office.  Our hybrid-collaborative space fosters teamwork and the sharing of ideas, and is equipped with both traditional workspace stations and more relaxed lounge type set-ups, thereby offering a variety of spaces to cater to diverse minds and enable employees to minimize commuting time.

Focusing on Technology & Innovation

Many law firms perpetuate conventional approaches that are ingrained in their core. This keeps many firms from adapting to new paradigms and providing the best and most efficient legal solutions to their clients.

McCoy Russell fosters a climate of innovation as core to the firms’ culture. We are constantly driving to find ways to be more efficient through the use of new technologies and tools. And sometimes that means building it in-house.

One example of McCoy Russell’s innovative solution in the patent drafting and prosecution space is in cooperation with its software arm – IronCrow IP – and includes the internal development of AI-based software for efficiently and effectively improving patent quality. We use our tool to automatically review every patent application we draft. Some of our clients have been so impressed with it, that they have licensed it for their own use in-house.

Our diverse team, with wide ranging backgrounds and experiences, is key to our ability to innovate and bring our clients patent solutions like no other.

McCoy Russell Trademark Vlog Series

McCoy Russell is excited to announce our short vlog series that will explore some of the latest and most exciting topics in the world of trademarks and branding. Attorneys Devon Jenkins and Ryan Masters will be sharing tips, tricks, and how McCoy Russell’s trademark and branding team is prepared to help clients across various industries protect and develop their brand. We are excited to take this next step to expand our thought-leadership and highlight knowledge developed through our trademark specialty practice.

Check out our Trademark Vlog/Blog to see the topics we’ve begun to explore such as the recent changes to the NCAA’s NIL policy and our thoughts on navigating cryptocurrencies and branding.