Women in Tech and Law

McCoy Russell was pleased to attend PDX Women in Tech and Law happy hour to benefit Rose Haven, a local organization that provides basic needs and services to women, children, and gender non-conforming folks experiencing the trauma of abuse, loss of home, and other disruptive life challenges. Associates Jessica Fauble and McKenna Park along with fellow attendees put together bags with winter care items for the guests of Rose Haven.

It was a nice night of building connections with other women in tech and law and fostering support for the Portland local community.

McCoy Russell LLP is Headed to AUTM Annual Meeting 2024

As anticipation mounts for this year’s AUTM Annual Meeting in San Diego, IP attorneys and other technology transfer professionals from around the globe are gearing up to converge on the event. Among them will be McCoy Russell LLP represented by partners John Russell and Justin Wagner.

For McCoy Russell, a woman-owned firm specializing in intellectual property law and technology transfer, the AUTM Annual Meeting is a premier event that offers invaluable opportunities for professional growth and collaboration. The firm looks forward to engaging with leaders and experts from academia, industry, and government agencies gaining insight into the latest developments in technology commercialization.

McCoy Russell Winter Re-Connect

As a collaborative firm, McCoy Russell hopes to keep its employees socially connected and engaged. The firm gathered at collaborative space to enjoy some hot cocoa and view some of the Portland Winter Light Festival exhibitions around the city. The night was filled with art and technology as the firm walked an illuminated route to various exhibitions set up by local artists around the Pearl District and Downtown Portland. It was a fun night to connect and experience a special event in Portland.

McCoy Russell’s Continued Support of International Trademark Association (INTA)

A longtime supporter of INTA, McCoy Russell continues to volunteer in INTA Committees. Founding Partner Anna McCoy has been an active member of INTA’s committees since 2016.

This year, Anna is set to contribute to INTA’s Internet Committee. This committee aims to identify evolving technologies dependent on the internet and developing advocacy strategies to address intellectual property-related challenges. Additionally, the committee aims to advocate for the implementation of the EU’s Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2) and represent intellectual property interests within the ICANN system. Furthermore, it will monitor and participate in non-ICANN-related Internet Governance efforts, ensuring a voice for intellectual property owners.

Beginning her journey on the Famous and Well-Known Marks Committee, Anna brings and international perspective to McCoy Russell’s Trademark and Branding practice. In 2020, she served on the Designs Committee, collaborating with other committee members from around the world to create recommendations for International Design Enforcement as a part of the Designs Enforcement Subcommittee. In 2021, her expertise extended to the Design Committee’s Design Law and Practice Subcommittee.

Bringing over 20 years of experience to McCoy Russell’s Trademark and Branding practice, the firm’s trademark team aims to develop client portfolios with strategic business alignment. Volunteering and cooperating with INTA strengthens the firms international trademark practice and provides exposure to diverse perspectives, regulatory updates, and collaborative efforts with industry experts.

McCoy Russell’s Trademark and Branding Specialty

Bringing over two decades of expertise in trademark practice, McCoy Russell serves start-ups and iconic brands alike. With over 20 years of experience, the firm has developed cornerstones in well-known mark protection to trade dress and product configuration, as well as worldwide portfolio development and management as a part of its Trademark practice approach.

One of McCoy Russell’s key strengths lies in the development and implementation of a global protection and enforcement strategy for famous trademarks, leveraging the benefits of their extra protection. Clients appreciate the firm’s streamlined and cost-effective approach in establishing, maintaining, and defending well-known and famous mark status. McCoy Russell has actively contributed to the Famous and Well-Known Mark Committee for the International Trademark Association (INTA) for several years.

Trade dress is a significant focus for McCoy Russell, recognizing it as a valuable branding asset. The firm has extensive experience in developing and procuring global trade dress and product configuration protection. McCoy Russell has successfully aided in establishing product configuration protection for renowned consumer products both in the US and internationally, offering strategic counsel with a commitment to cost-effectiveness.

The firm’s trademark practice encompasses a wide array of services, including trademark searches, brand analysis, trademark filings, preparation of tiered strategic worldwide filing recommendations, brand due diligence, IP audits, review of branding agreements, assignments, renewals, in-house trademark training, and customs registrations. McCoy Russell is dedicated to pursuing filings and enforcement in over 130 countries, collaborating seamlessly with a network of trusted IP colleagues.

McCoy Russell continues to strengthen its Trademark and Branding specialty with active exposure to diverse perspectives, regulatory updates, and collaborative efforts with industry experts through volunteering in INTA. Please contact us at [email protected] if you think we can be of assistance.

Reassessing Software Patent Law

McCoy Russell attorney Wes Nicholson recently presented on patent law as it relates to software inventions to the audience of the OSB IP Section. Wes explored the history of patent law through to the current state of software patent law as practiced today. He addressed special challenges related to patenting software and offered novel ways patent policy might be applied more appropriately to software inventions.

While this topic is an ongoing discussion in the ever evolving practice of patent law and the abstract nature of software, McCoy Russell continues to keep track of rulings and refining its patent prosecution practice as it relates to software inventions including navigating the state of AI at the USPTO.

Meet with McCoy Russell during AUTM

Hoping to further develop and deepen relationships with Technology Transfer offices, McCoy Russell will be present at the 2024 AUTM Annual Meeting. Partners John Russell and Justin Wagner hope to connect with technology transfer professionals to discuss new ideas and approaches for developing strategic intellectual property portfolios.

Schedule a meeting via AUTM Connect or email us at [email protected].

McCoy Russell focuses on innovation life-cycle support, from initial inventor disclosure meetings and review of the technology disclosure to commercial viability searching, patent drafting, patent prosecution, and portfolio development, as well as licensing negotiations and education. McCoy Russell’s experience with technology transfer includes direct support of academic faculty and students, both undergraduate and graduate, from initial concept development to follow-on innovations.

McCoy Russell attorneys also have experience in supporting various start-ups that have spun-out of the academic institutions and universities. McCoy Russell works closely with technology transfer managers to ensure strategic alignment with the inventors and the output of commercially viable patent filings and resulting portfolios.

McCoy Russell’s Technology Transfer Practice

McCoy Russell continues to strengthen its relationships with technology transfer offices. The firm provides specific support tailored to the unique challenges presented in academic and research environments pursuing technology commercialization. Our experience and strategic approach considers the full technology life cycle, from the evaluation stage to portfolio creation and development to licensing and post-grant proceedings.

McCoy Russell focuses on innovation life-cycle support, collaborating with inventors, technology transfer offices, academic faculty, and students to assess the commercial potential of their discoveries. This can involve conducting thorough and comprehensive searches, evaluating existing patents, inventor disclosure meetings, patent drafting, patent prosecution, portfolio development, as well as licensing negotiations and education.

In addition to educational programs, the firm has developed proprietary software allowing us to perform detailed landscape searches to identify potential collaborators and licensing partners, and to highlight insights into the marketplace and commercial viability of their research.

McCoy Russell recognizes the innovation cycle doesn’t end with commercialization. Continuous feedback and iteration are essential components when developing an intellectual property portfolio. The firm is available to support technology transfer offices in understanding and further optimizing this cycle and leveraging the potential of intellectual property, fostering innovation, and driving economic progress. Contact us at [email protected] if you think we can be of assistance.

Ironcrow AI’s LLM Sandbox

Ironcrow AI was recently featured in the Washington State Bar Association’s Side Bar publication. The publication features a Q&A discussing Ironcrow AI’s achievement of a score above the 70% threshold required to pass the patent bar exam. The article explores the meaning of this achievement, what legal professionals should takeaway from it, and Ironcrow AI’s LLM Sandbox can improve patent drafting and prosecution quality and efficiency.

Find the Full article here:

As an innovative firm, McCoy Russell has been at the forefront of patent law with its development and use of proprietary AI software via its software arm Ironcrow AI. In 2023, Ironcrow has invested substantial efforts to create a specialized AI LLM Sandbox as a key tool for patent professionals.

The remarkable feat showcases the innovation by the Ironcrow and McCoy Russell partnership and the ability of the LLM Sandbox’s “Interrogate” feature to answer questions based on the knowledge of the patent procedure. The Sandbox can provide well-cited answers along with relevant excerpts from the MPEP, etc., to its users. This unique feature sets Ironcrow AI’s LLM Sandbox apart from other systems in the market.

Ironcrow AI’s LLM Sandbox’s success in achieving a passing score for the Patent Bar Exam signifies a major milestone in the development of AI systems ability to assist patent professionals. Its ability to provide accurate answers with proper citations and excerpts from the MPEP sets a new standard in the field.

If you want to learn more about Ironcrow AI’s LLM Sandbox or the performance study email [email protected].