McCoy Russell Works To Break The Bias

As a Women-Owned Small Business, McCoy Russell is happy to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day. This year’s theme, Break the Bias, reminds us why we stand proud in our firms approach to intellectual property law and why we take an active role within the Portland-area start up community in providing intellectual property education and strategy.

To celebrate, we produced and shared a short presentation about how bias affects the practice of intellectual property law. We looked at the gender and minority gap in inventorship, patent prosecution, and VC funding for women founders nationally and here in Portland. We shared some thoughts for remedies at the organizational level and individual level, focusing on culture, support, and self-identity.

At McCoy Russell LLP, we know that innovation thrives when diverse approaches and philosophies are nurtured in the workplace. To that end, we continue to hold ourselves to that commitment. The individual contributions of our staff shapes the way we practice intellectual property law. We thank them for sharing their knowledge, dedication, and effort. Their commitment and energy each one of them has given makes McCoy Russell what it is.

McCoy Russell Receives USWCC Women-Owned Small Business Certification

McCoy Russell has long been recognized as a women-owned firm, including at the local level through the Business Oregon Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID). In addition, the firm is pleased to announce the additional recognition by the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC) as a certified Women-Owned Small Business.

The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce is an authorized 3rd party certifier for the federal WOSB and EDWOSB programs.

At McCoy Russell LLP, we know that innovation thrives when diverse approaches and philosophies are nurtured in the workplace. To that end, we are dedicated to maintaining a staff comprised of employees from a variety of educational, cultural and employment backgrounds. Our commitment to inclusion extends to the top levels of our management structure. A majority of our senior staff and supervisors are women, as well as half of our Technology Specialist staff.

McCoy Russell Continued Success in Appeal Practice

McCoy Russell continues to see success in our appeal practice and has received yet another full reversal decision on appeal in the area of Chemical and Materials Engineering. Our team led by John Russell and Janina Malone provided well crafted, effective, and clear arguments before the Patent and Trademark Appeal Board (PTAB), disputing the decision to reject claims due to obviousness. The invention relates to a method to detect light absorbing or scattering particles at a binding surface of a carrier.

Upon consideration of our appeal and reply briefs, the PTAB reversed the examiner’s decision to reject claims as unpatentable. Read the full Appeal 2021-000244.

Quantifying Patent Quality

Quantifying patent quality is something many have sought. However, linking patent quality to a customizable array of metrics that enables real-time in-house review brings its own unique challenges. The software arm of McCoy Russell provides a solution – IRONCROW’s AI-based tool, N’Spec, is the first tool designed for in-house IP departments to manage quality of their portfolio.

Our patent application reviewing software was developed to improve patent application drafting and patent prosecution responses. It helps reduce errors that can reduce rejections by the USPTO. N’Spec employs state of the art machine learning algorithms to automate the tedious review process.

Our user friendly software greatly streamlines patent application drafting and review, and ensures patent applications are of the highest quality before being scrutinized by the USPTO. Some of our clients have been so impressed with it, that they have licensed it for their own use in-house.

McCoy Russell is constantly driving to find ways to be more efficient through the use of new technologies and tools. Our diverse team, with wide ranging backgrounds and experiences, is key to our ability to innovate and bring our clients patent solutions like no other.

For more information about N’Spec software or to request a demo, please email

McCoy Russell Top Patent Firm in USPTO Technology Center 3600

For the second year running, McCoy Russell is recognized as the top patent firm in Technology Center 3600 (TC 3600) in terms of patent prosecution efficiency and quality. This tech center examines applications related to transportation, e-commerce, construction, agriculture, licensing and review. Some of the top filers in TC 3600 include Ford, IBM, Boeing, and Amazon.

Over the past year, McCoy Russell has increased the number of patents filed in this tech center (by 47%).

Our success is based on our team’s significant experience and technical background in relevant technologies, as well as our portfolio management and prosecution strategy, including a specialty practice to protection of AI and machine learning inventions across many industries. Further, we have integrated artificial intelligence and deep learning tools, developed in-house, into our practice to further maximize our effectiveness for our clients.

Our deep bench of technology specialists work with our senior attorneys to create pro-active solutions and strong applications. Our recognition as the top patent firm within TC 3600 solidifies the effectiveness of our strategies and unique collaborative approach to patent portfolio development.

If you are looking to up improve your portfolio in TC 3600, please contact us at

McCoy Russell’s Quality Patent Drafting

As a small firm looking to make their mark in intellectual property law, McCoy Russell continues to gain recognition not only for the success of our patent prosecution strategies, but the quality of our patent applications.

McCoy Russell LLP has topped the 2021 charts on patent prosecution for quality and efficiency in both Technology Centers 3600 and 3700, according to Juristat[1]. Patent bots AI software read through 356 patents issued in the past year within Technology Center 3700 and calculated a quality of score of 99* in the drafting of our patents[2]. How does the firm achieve this stellar performance?

One facet is the level of review built into the firm’s processes that have been honed over the years. Starting more than 3 years ago, McCoy Russell implements a “360 Review” process that engages patent practitioners in the firm at all levels of experience. Every application drafted by the firm undergoes at least two, and usually three, levels of review – even if drafted by a senior patent attorney with more than 20 years of experience. This process is ever-adapting in order to keep up with the latest challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing patent prosecution landscape.

Another facet of McCoy Russell’s patent drafting and prosecution is in cooperation with its software arm – IronCrow IP – and includes the internal development of AI-based software for efficiently and effectively improving patent quality. We use our tool to automatically review every patent application we draft. Some of our clients have been so impressed with it, that they have licensed it for their own use in-house.

The core of our firm’s consistency in quality is our firm culture that continues to enable, support, and improve hybrd-remote work in the intellectual property realm. McCoy Russell cultivates our firm culture around collaboration, creating interactive cross-team training programs and staff wellness initiatives. Our unique collaborative methods have helped our firm find new ways to provide our clients with the quality and value they have come to expect.

[1] Tech Center 3600 and Tech Center 3700, McCoy Russell Tops The List
[2] Patent Bots computes quality scores based upon numbering errors, antecedent basis errors, and word support errors (words that don’t appear in the detailed description).

McCoy Russell – Best Lawyers, Best Law Firms

McCoy Russell is pleased to announce our inclusion in the 12th Edition of the U.S. News – Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” publication under the practice area of Patent and Trademark Law in Oregon.

“Best Law Firms” is based on a rigorous evaluation process that includes the collection of client and lawyer evaluations, peer review from leading attorneys in their field, and review of additional information provided by law firms as part of the formal submission process.

INTA: Enforcing Designs Globally: Same or Different?

INTA Designs Committee members Anna McCoy (of McCoy Russell LLP in Portland, Oregon), Joseph J. Conklin (of Coty Inc. New York, New York), and Gabriela Staber (of CMS Vienna), have published an article on the INTA website (  To understand both similarities and differences across jurisdictions and to help INTA develop a position on the harmonization of design remedies for its model design law guidelines, the Association’s Designs Committee conducted a survey among its members and obtained input from other INTA members considering issues regarding the global enforcement of designs. The article’s findings cover non-financial and financial remedies that are available for infringement of registered design rights, recovery of attorney fees, and other remedies, such as criminal sanctions and customs proceedings,  While survey results indicate that a wide variety of remedies are available for design right infringements, the article concludes that some degree of harmonization could be beneficial to facilitate enforcement of design rights, especially where infringement takes place in many countries simultaneously.

You may read the full article on INTA’s website (

Academic Technology Transfer Expertise

McCoy Russell has substantial experience with academic and research institutions and their technology transfer offices, providing specific support tailored to the unique challenges presented in academic and research environments pursuing technology commercialization. Our experience and strategic approach considers the full technology life cycle, from the evaluation stage to portfolio creation and development to licensing and post-grant proceedings.

McCoy Russell also assists technology transfer offices by providing training programs for students, faculty, and staff to improve the efficiency and quality of patent filings. In addition to educational programs, we have developed proprietary software allowing us to perform detailed landscape searches to identify potential collaborators and licensing partners, and to highlight insights into the marketplace and commercial viability of their research (

While technology transfer work requires expertise in navigating complex rules and regulations, we take special care to ensure regulatory compliance as to government-funded work and work subject to government contracts. Requirements of the Bayh-Dole Act are front and center to effectively advise technology transfer offices.

You may read more about our Technology Transfer Expertise and Case Studies, here (