Top Patent Attorney Recognition

By June 4, 2024 News

Patexia recently released their patent intelligence report for 2024. This report provides insights into the performance and activity of patent attorneys and agents, patent law firms, and companies by evaluating and ranking them based on their expertise, experience, success rate, and overall performance before the USPTO in the areas of biotech, high-tech, and overall practice. Among those organizations receiving accolades is McCoy Russell.

Further, John Russell has been ranked among the Top 25 Patent Attorneys. John has received much recognition for his work in patent law and is at the forefront of thought leadership through his blog, which has become one of the most popular patent prosecution blogs available. Mr. IP Law has no paid advertising, and is fully supported by John’s personal involvement. Mr. IP Law helps elevate the practice of patent prosecution to a different level by sharing ideas, practical strategies, and opportunities with the Intellectual Property community so as to approve the ability of all innovators in securing the valuable intellectual property our economy needs to thrive.

McCoy Russell congratulates John on his recognition among the Top 25 Patent Attorneys in the U.S.

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