John Russell To Speak at the USPTO Patent Data Conference

By October 9, 2019 News

PORTLAND, OR, Oct 09, 2019/ Attorney John Russell has been invited to speak at the upcoming USPTO Patent Data Conference held on October 22nd at Elijah J McCoy Midwest Regional USPTO.  He will be one of several featured speakers addressing various topics regarding use and integration of patent information into business strategic planning.

John Russell has been a recognized leader at the forefront of how to take advantage of patent office data for strategic portfolio development. His blog,, has been at the forefront of the industry in offering practice tips in how patent applicants can navigate the USPTO.  For anyone wanting to hear John’s unique insight, this conference presents a rare opportunity.

Registration to attend the event is free has both in-person and video conference options. For registration, please follow the link here.

Featured speakers:

Keynote speaker:

  • Russell Slifer, Chief Executive Officer for Black Hills IP. Former Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Deputy Directory of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

From government:

  • Damian Porcari, Regional Director, Midwest US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Scott Beliveau, USPTO Branch Chief of Advanced Analytics
  • Christophe Mazenc, Ph.D, Director of WIPO Global Databases Division (by Video Conference)
  • Lustin Diaconescu, Head of Patent Database Section of WIPO (by Video Conference)

From industry and tech:

  • Jay Yonamine, Ph.D, Head of Data Science, Global Patents at Google (by Video Conference)
  • Chad Gilles Esq., Founder of
  • Lisa Lepore, Ph.D, Sales Director, Questel-Americas
  • Anthony Trippe, Founder of Patinfomatics

From law and academia and industry:

  • Prof. Dennis Crouch, “PatentlyO” blog author and Law Professor at University of Missouri School of Law
  • John D. Russell, Ph.D, “Mriplaw” blog author and Partner at McCoy Russell
  • Elizabeth Kendall, Founder of Impeccable IP and attorney at Nelson, Mullins, Riley and Scarborough
  • Prof. Oliver Mayer, Head of Cluster Energy Technology, Bayern Innovativ GmbH (by Video Conference)