McCoy Russell’s Continued Support of International Trademark Association (INTA)

By February 6, 2024 News

A longtime supporter of INTA, McCoy Russell continues to volunteer in INTA Committees. Founding Partner Anna McCoy has been an active member of INTA’s committees since 2016.

This year, Anna is set to contribute to INTA’s Internet Committee. This committee aims to identify evolving technologies dependent on the internet and developing advocacy strategies to address intellectual property-related challenges. Additionally, the committee aims to advocate for the implementation of the EU’s Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2) and represent intellectual property interests within the ICANN system. Furthermore, it will monitor and participate in non-ICANN-related Internet Governance efforts, ensuring a voice for intellectual property owners.

Beginning her journey on the Famous and Well-Known Marks Committee, Anna brings and international perspective to McCoy Russell’s Trademark and Branding practice. In 2020, she served on the Designs Committee, collaborating with other committee members from around the world to create recommendations for International Design Enforcement as a part of the Designs Enforcement Subcommittee. In 2021, her expertise extended to the Design Committee’s Design Law and Practice Subcommittee.

Bringing over 20 years of experience to McCoy Russell’s Trademark and Branding practice, the firm’s trademark team aims to develop client portfolios with strategic business alignment. Volunteering and cooperating with INTA strengthens the firms international trademark practice and provides exposure to diverse perspectives, regulatory updates, and collaborative efforts with industry experts.