Better Prosecution Outcomes through Patent Analytics

By April 18, 2023 News

As an innovative firm, McCoy Russell blends technology and law developing its state of the art machine learning algorithms through its software arm Ironcrow AI. Ironcrow provides leverages modern advancements in machine learning (ML) to provide support tools in patent drafting, prosecution, and overall portfolio management and evaluation.

McCoy Russell has seen strategic advantages utilizing its proprietary Art Unit Predictor, which leverages a custom ML architecture trained on millions of patent applications to determine which art unit within the USPTO an application is most likely to be assigned. Insight into where a patent application is most likely to end up is useful for patent drafters, as this helps them not only steer toward art units which are more appropriate for the invention at hand, but also better prepare the claims and detailed description in preparation for expected areas of difficulty. Overall, these tools help saving time and expense, while increasing chances of success for the client.

Our cutting edge patent analytics can help minimize rejections and expedite prosecution by avoiding issues before they occur. Learn more about the Art Unit Predictor and try it out yourself at