Legal Experience and Advancement Program (LEAP) Recognition and Celebration

By October 4, 2022 News

The USPTO hosted its Second Anniversary Celebration and Recognition of its Legal Experience and Advancement Program (LEAP) Practioners and Law Firm Sponsors for their participation in the program. Patent Agent Kathryn Chi is among the recognized practioners.

The USPTO’s Legal Experience and Advancement Program (LEAP) provides opportunities for practitioners to gain key appeal experience early in their career. LEAP encourages professional development through increased opportunities for oral advocacy at the PTAB and grants up to 15 minutes additional argument time.

Kathryn Chi had the opportunity to participate with John Russell in her first oral hearing at the PTAB through LEAP. As a LEAP practitioner, she had the opportunity to present arguments and respond to questioning from the Board.
McCoy Russell congratulates Kat for her successful participation in the LEAP program.