Ironcrow AI’s LLM Sandbox

By January 18, 2024 News

Ironcrow AI was recently featured in the Washington State Bar Association’s Side Bar publication. The publication features a Q&A discussing Ironcrow AI’s achievement of a score above the 70% threshold required to pass the patent bar exam. The article explores the meaning of this achievement, what legal professionals should takeaway from it, and Ironcrow AI’s LLM Sandbox can improve patent drafting and prosecution quality and efficiency.

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As an innovative firm, McCoy Russell has been at the forefront of patent law with its development and use of proprietary AI software via its software arm Ironcrow AI. In 2023, Ironcrow has invested substantial efforts to create a specialized AI LLM Sandbox as a key tool for patent professionals.

The remarkable feat showcases the innovation by the Ironcrow and McCoy Russell partnership and the ability of the LLM Sandbox’s “Interrogate” feature to answer questions based on the knowledge of the patent procedure. The Sandbox can provide well-cited answers along with relevant excerpts from the MPEP, etc., to its users. This unique feature sets Ironcrow AI’s LLM Sandbox apart from other systems in the market.

Ironcrow AI’s LLM Sandbox’s success in achieving a passing score for the Patent Bar Exam signifies a major milestone in the development of AI systems ability to assist patent professionals. Its ability to provide accurate answers with proper citations and excerpts from the MPEP sets a new standard in the field.

If you want to learn more about Ironcrow AI’s LLM Sandbox or the performance study email [email protected].