Design Patents in Architecture

By May 1, 2023 News

Design patents are a form of intellectual property protection that can be utilized in various industries. However, some areas are often overlooked for design patent protection, including architecture. In architecture, few realize that design patents can protect the ornamental features of a building exterior, such as unique shapes, surface ornamentation, and other visual characteristics.

One example of a design patent for a Dwelling Structure is Design Patent No. D965,818. This patent, issued in October 2022, protects the ornamental design for a dwelling structure’s visual identity.

Design patents for building exteriors can be particularly valuable for architects, as they can help establish and protect a building’s visual identity. This can be especially important in the competitive world of real estate, where distinctive architectural designs can help attract potential buyers or tenants.

It is worth noting that design patents for building exteriors are not a substitute for other forms of intellectual property protection, but work as an asset in a strong and diverse intellectual property portfolio.

In conclusion, design patents for architects and others in the construction industry should be part of the discussion.  Consulting with an experienced intellectual property attorney can help identify the appropriate forms of protection for unique brands, designs, and innovation. McCoy Russell has a specialty designs practice and experience with the architecture and construction fields, as well as in protecting software used in these fields. Contact us at [email protected] if we can be of assistance.