McCoy Russell Top Patent Filing Law Firms

By February 9, 2023 News

McCoy Russell LLP is a women-owned and operated intellectual property law firm based in the Pacific Northwest serving a global client based. The firm has been widely recognized for its consistency in quality patent application drafting and strategic prosecution practice. In 2022, the firm is pleased to have obtained 826 issued US patents for its clients, more than any other women-owned and operated firm in the Pacific Northwest.

How does McCoy Russell keep pace with substantially larger and more traditionally run firms?

Integrated in the foundation of the firm’s collaborative structure, McCoy Russell’s “360 Review” process engages patent practitioners in the firm at all levels of experience to review every patent application drafted by the firm. The process requires that every patent application undergoes at least two, and usually three, levels of review – even if drafted by a senior patent attorney with more than 20 years of experience. This process is ever-adapting in order to keep up with the latest challenges and opportunities of the patent prosecution landscape.

McCoy Russell’s patent drafting and prosecution leverages the firm’s software arm, IronCrow IP ( IronCrow IP develops AI-based software that aims to streamline the application drafting and review process, efficiently and effectively improve patent quality, and provide insight and analytics valuable to help patent prosecution strategy.

The core of our firm’s consistency in quality is our firm culture that continues to enable, support, and improve hybrid-remote work while maintaining collaboration in the intellectual property realm. McCoy Russell cultivates a firm culture that utilizes interactive cross-team training programs and staff wellness initiatives.

The firm’s unique collaborative structure and dedication to innovating the practice of intellectual property keeps McCoy Russell filing with quality and frequency. McCoy Russell continues to innovate and provide its clients with the quality and value they’ve come to expect.