William D. Schlecht, Ph.D.

William D. Schlecht, Ph.D.

Patent Agent


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington
  • B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington


William’s background in chemical engineering provides a strong technical foundation from which he draws the knowledge necessary to work with patents covering a wide range of technical fields.  In particular, in his undergraduate studies, William gained proficiency in blockchain, chemical plant design, transport phenomena modeling (heat, and material transport), chemical separations (including membrane separations), catalysis, chemical kinetics, fluidics, finite element analysis, thermodynamics, as well as extensive theoretical and practical experience in inorganic and organic chemistry. William has continued to develop experience in cryptopgraphy and expanded into the study of machine learning with an emphasis on deep learning, convolutional neural networks for image processing, and generative adversarial networks

Further, during his graduate studies, William worked in the field of protein chemistry for 6 years, and obtained world class expertise in expression, purification, detection, and characterization of biological molecules.  William’s graduate work also included projects directed towards enhanced bio-molecule detection strategies, such as lateral flow assays, and ELISAs, which employed diverse detection and amplification strategies, including gold nano-particle fluorescent enhancement, total internal reflection fluorescence, and quantum dots, to name a few.  Additionally, William worked on developing solar concentrators for diffuse sunlight, silk nanostructures, transparent wood, single molecule spectroscopy, aqueous two phase separation systems for exosomes, development of gene therapies for heart failure, and drug testing/design.


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