The Future of Intellectual Property

By May 12, 2022 News

The fifth annual Intellectual Property Awareness Summit was recently held with the goal to make the benefits of IP rights, as well as the issues surrounding them, more apparent to key audiences. The IP Awareness Summit™ is the only annual event that examines the impact of IP awareness on innovation, business and people – and the strategies for improving it. McCoy Russell attorney Justin Wagner was among the IP owners, educators, lawyers, organizations and investors that were able to join this event.

Topics addressed whether IP rights help or hinder diversity and entrepreneurship, what IP matters, the impact of ‘Virtual Property’ and IP’s role in maintaining an innovation edge. Other topics included the emerging relationship between IP rights and decentralized collaboration, and current IP developments in China. The keynote speaker discussed the importance of innovation literacy and turning imagination into reality.

Among the many valuable takeaways was a discussion about the importance of working to facilitate innovation, investment, and IP value as well as the inherent dangers in confusing anti-trust with anti-IP. Also important is the continued challenge of addressing the gender gap in the patent system. Justin and the other attorneys at McCoy Russell, a woman-owned business, are especially committed to helping foster a strong, inclusive patent system that encourages women innovators.

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