An Inclusive Approach for Innovation

By March 24, 2021 News

McCoy Russell will be presenting “Funding in Connection with Women Inventorship” with PDXWIT and Thinkshout, register here. Attorneys Anna McCoy and Janina Malone will explore a multi-tiered approach to support organizations in enhancing women participation at all levels, including in brainstorming, invention submission, and beyond. As one of the few women-owned and managed patent firms handing a significant volume of patent matters, including the being the large patent firm in Oregon in terms of the number of issued utility and design patents, McCoy Russell brings a unique perspective to the issues.

The ability to protect innovation through patents is a key driver to obtaining funding, and statistics show that a significant gender gap still exists in both funding and inventorship even as women in technology or scientific fields continues to grow. While funding opportunities remain scarce (45% less funding per Boston Consulting Group), investors supporting women entrepreneurs have found a higher average ROI (10% higher).

We welcome you to join us on April 7th at 5 PM PT as we discuss an approach that incorporates company support, women actions, and investor awareness. They will address issues women face while seeking funding, how diversity in leadership teams lead to higher revenue for innovation, and strategies companies can implement to foster innovation.