Firm Emphasis on Wellbeing

By January 28, 2020 News

McCoy Russell heavily emphasizes the importance of wellbeing for their staff by proactively supporting wellness initiatives.  We also support flexible work schedules to provide an added level of accommodation in today’s hectic environment.

As our firm community continues to expand, our strategies on wellbeing continue to evolve. To build upon the strategies we have in practice, which you can read about here, we are introducing more initiatives and creating programs to ensure the McCoy Russell team can thrive in a high pressure field.

McCoy Russell has had hosted a variety of firm wide events focused on encouraging team work, bringing people from across the organization, and building morale. New initiatives such as our brownbag book club aim to give insight on diverse perspectives and experiences to bolster a more inclusive space for all. Exercises in gratitude have been introduced with our bi-weekly newsletters to encourage staff to flex a different part of the brain. Game nights encourage staff to mingle and build personal and working relationships with the community of peers who understand the pressures and demands of working in Intellectual Property Law.

While our strategies and initiatives are still in its infancy and evolving, our commitment to the wellbeing of the McCoy Russell team remains a high priority.